Pintxos are a true hallmark of Basque cuisine, being authentic miniature works of art that delight any food lover.

Pintxos provide any Basque bar with personality and sense. Who is not familiar with the image of counters full of pintxos? Don’t know which one to chose? You’d eat them all, right? Yummm!

In this section of our BaskButik, we teach you how to make tasty and traditional Basque pintxos and give you advice on the best combinations of products and beverages.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

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    Bask Pack 

    An ideal gastronomic gift.

    If you want to surprise a friend, partner or family member who likes Basque gastronomy, you are on the right website. 

    We have prepared a selection of Basque gourmet gastronomic packs designed as a gift.

    All packs, in addition to containing high-quality products, are packed and decorated with an elegant wooden box, ideal not only to surprise but also to transport and reuse in the future. 

    If you want to personalize the Bask Pack with the message you want, you just have to tell us.

    We are sure that with our selection you will succeed!

  • Eguzkilore Hamper


    The legend of Basque mythology says that Amalur, mother Earth, gave her children the sun (eguzki) and the moon (ilargia - dead light), to defend themselves against the evils. 

    But on moonless nights these evils entered their homes and took their children. So Amalur gave them Eguzkilore, the flower of the sun, to put at the entrance to his house. 

    And the evil had to count the hairs on the leaves of the flower to enter, but there were so many and it took so long time that it dawned and he had to leave, leaving the house protected.

    Hundreds of houses in the Basque Country still maintain this ancient tradition.

    Eguzkilore Hamper

    In the pack you will find a seed of the eguzkilore so that you can plant it and take care of it in the planter that includes the gift. 

    We will explain the history of the eguzkilore and brief instructions on how to plant it and maintain the flower.

    In addition to the one who receives the gift, we will tell them that we not only want them to take care of the Eguzkilore but we also want to take care of them, following some brief instructions: You have to take the tools that come with the planter and dig a Little.


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