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Gaztazarra (cream cheese)

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Cream cheese made with Idiazábal cheese.

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If you're a fan of cream cheese, we offer you the opportunity to try Gazta Zaharra, a typical cream cheese of the Basque country, produced through artisanal methods from a mature cheese from raw Latxa sheep's milk. It has a creamy texture that is spreadable with an intense flavour of sheep's cheese.

The ideal accompaniment for meat, pasta, salads or over toast.

Do you know what Gazta Zaharra means? Gaztazarra or Gazta Zaharra means Gazta = Cheese and Zaharra = Old, meaning 'old cheese' in Basque, since it is necessary to include a bit of 'mother cheese' or 'old cheese' to initiate the process of fermentation of the new cheese for its production.

In the production, normally strong dry cheeses are used, which are grated or cut into very fine slices and deposited into a container or clay vat where fermentation will occur. It is optional to add a little sheep's milk, water or spirits to soften the paste and give it more spreadability. The paste is stirred for at least two months.