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Whey cream of Latxa sheep´s milk.

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This is a whey cream of Latxa sheep's milk which has a creamy texture, caramel color and sweet taste with a slight touch of acidity and salt.

Appropriate for consuming at any time of day, whether it be breakfast, lunch, as a snack or aperitif, combining well with salty or sweet ingredients. It goes well with bread, nuts, salmon, jam and fruits such as grapes. Moreover, it can be used as an ingredient in the production of pastry fillers for pastries, desserts and milk products such as ice creams, as well as in the production of any type of dish in haute cuisine.

This is an innovative product made with whey cream derived from cheese-making, which has made it possible to add value to this sub-product through the creation of a gourmet product, unique in the market with zero residue generation (reducing the impact on the environment).... Would you like to try it?