Buy Online Rioja Alavesa Wines, Navarre Wines and Basque Country Wines


In this section, Bask Selekt invites you on a trip through different points in the Basque geography, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the Rioja Alavesa and Navarra wines.

The climate and composition of the soil are factors that determine the division of the "Rioja" appellation of origin into three areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa. The land in the Rioja Alavesa is rugged, calcareous and very suitable for the cultivation of wine, with short summers and mild winters. The wine presents a more intense colour and inferior acidity level than that produced in the Rioja Alta. The result is a range of tempranillo red wines, that achieve high levels of quality.

Travelling east we come to Navarra. Who is not familiar with its famous rosés? Flagships of the appellation! Their quality never ceases to improve, with a more and more meticulous preparation process. The Garnacha grape offers wines with a suggestive colour, a rich fruity aroma and a fresh taste.

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