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Saizar Cider


Saizar "Euskal Sagardoa"

"Euskal Sagardoa" is a quality and origin label. Made 100% with local apples and certified by Hazi, from the planting and harvesting processes to bottling. After passing chemical and sensory tasting analyses and obtaining high scores, we receive the Euskal Sagardoa label.

If origin and quality matter to you as much as they do to us, this is your cider.


Enjoy Authentic Basque Cider with Saizar "Euskal Sagardoa"

Discover Saizar "Euskal Sagardoa," the superior quality Basque cider, made 100% from local apples certified by Hazi. Our commitment to excellence begins in the orchards and extends to every bottle, ensuring an authentic and distinctive taste. Each batch of Saizar cider undergoes rigorous chemical and sensory analyses, achieving the highest ratings to earn the prestigious "Euskal Sagardoa" label.

Buy now and enjoy the cider that combines tradition, origin, and quality. Perfect for those who appreciate the best in every sip.