Whole Ham
  • Whole Ham

Whole Ham


Whole artisanal Euskal Txerri hams, 30 months of curing.


Ham produced with the meat of the black-foot Basque variety of pigs, the Euskal Txerria or Pío Negro. Euskal Txerria is a rustic animal well adapted to the climatic conditions of the area and free-ranging exploitation. Every animal is pampered to obtain an excellent final product.

This is a race with low proliferation rates (of an average of 7 piglets born per litter), slow growth (high conversion and median profit per day much inferior to that of the white pig) and with an elevated content of fat, subcutaneous and intramuscular, which differentiates it from other races and gives quality to the meat.

The most notable aspect of its morphology is their big folded-over ears, as they can hardly see, and a black coat with big well-defined spots on the head and hind legs up to the knees.