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Bonito del Norte in olive oil loins in Olive Oil with Espeleta Pepper (220 gr)


Carefully selected Albacore long finned tuna loins with top-quality Olive Oil and Ezpeleta Pepper..


Albacore long finned tuna loins along with the tuna belly are considered the noblest part of this fish. The cuts are obtained following the length of the fish starting from the most internal and central part of the muscles.

The flavour is delicate and compact in texture. It can be used in the preparation of extraordinary aperitifs (pintxos) and salads as well as serving as a richly appetizing main dish.


At the end of the 15th century, it arrived as a medicinal plant from South America to the coasts of the Basque Country.

In the 17th century, its cultivation began in the town of Espellette in the French Basque Country, to which it gave its name. It was used to cover the hams during the drying time.

It is a very aromatic pepper, with a spicy point that does not exceed pepper, highly appreciated in world cuisine.

This is a product with a great source of vitamin C, B6 and K.

There are many dishes that are flavored with Ezpeleta peppers, such as: Marmitako, Piperrada, Axoa... But it can also enhance the flavor of Italian pasta, vegetables, or potatoes, among others.

The Ezpeleta pepper is an ideal product for fish dishes, since its mild spicy flavor makes it perfect for adding a distinctive touch to the product.