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Peach in syrup (3 units)
  • Peach in syrup (3 units)

Peach in syrup (3 units)


Peach in Syrup (3 units) - Serrano Quality

Discover the delicious taste of peach in syrup from Serrano, available in a convenient 3-unit pack. These peaches, carefully selected for their freshness and sweetness, are preserved in a light syrup to maintain their juiciness and natural flavor.

Why choose our peach in syrup?

Superior quality: Each peach is carefully selected to ensure the best quality.

Versatility: Perfect for desserts, side dishes, smoothies, fruit salads, and more.

Optimal preservation: The light syrup keeps the peaches fresh and flavorful for a longer time.

Practical and convenient: Comes in a pack of 3 units, ready to enjoy.

Whether it's for everyday cooking, adding to your favorite recipes, or simply enjoying as a sweet snack, our peach in syrup (3 units) is a delicious and versatile option.

Nutritional information and storage

This product is low in fat and contains no artificial preservatives. To maintain quality, store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within a few days.

Buy now and enjoy the natural sweetness of peaches

Add a touch of sweetness to your meals with Serrano's peach in syrup. 


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