Basque Cake in Guggi titanium case


One of the more representative sweets of Euskadi, the Basque cake is a dessert originating in the French Basque country. Early on it was filled with fruit from the area, cherries and blackberries. Afterwards the fruit filling was replaced by pastry cream, whereas today you can find a multitude of varieties.


The Basque cake is an original dessert of French-Basque origin which has extended across the land. Originally it was a pastry covered with an upper layer. Now there are various versions depending on where they're produced. Its history begins in the XVII y XVIII centuries, when travellers enjoyed them and, having trouble remembering the name, were referred to as the 'pastel de los vascos' or 'the cake of the Basques', which ended up being 'pastel vasco' or Basque cake.

It has a dough which is filled with different ingredients, depending on the version. It was initially black cherries but today they are filled with pastry cream, apricots, peach and other fillings. The peninsular version appeared at the end of the XIX and Centuries, filled with flavourful pastry cream.

This is the version that we present to you, carrying on the tradition passed down from our ancestors.