Chocolate in Guggi Titanium Case


Loyalty to natural products and production methods that maintain the original essence of each specialty is a core principle at Pastelerías Bizkarra and is also evident in the making of their delicious and exclusive chocolates.


Put a bit of chocolate on your table. With those occasions in mind, Pastelerías Bizkarra offers chocolates which are pleasing to the eye and unsurpassable in flavor. Extensive experimentation has been put into acheiving the most unexpected and delicious top quality chocolates containing over 65% cocoa.

Pay attention but try not to drool: dark chocolate with Himalayan salt, dark chocolate with a touch of hot paprika, dark chocolate with toffee chips, dark chocolate with bitter-sweet taste of Seville bitter oranges, dark chocolate with sweet cherry comfit, dark chocolate peppered with tasty apple comfit, dark chocolate and milk chocolate with walnuts and hazelnuts, or dark chocolate with denomination of origin containing 70% cocoa. An incredible feat.

A mix of chocolate sheets of different flavors with pieces of fruit or dried fruit which make the perfect contrast of flavours on the palate. By playing with textures, a metallic touch is added to the presentation by packaging the sheets in a silver plated box giving the product a very attractive image, ideal for presenting at the table or as a gift. Moreover, these elite sweet have all the benefits of cocoa because you can be assured that our chocolates contain an elevated proportion of pure cocoa.