Basque Homemade Jams | Basque Country Gourmet Artisan Jams

Artisan Jams from the Basque Country

For breakfast there are those who like salty and there are others who like sweet more. If you are one of those who like sweets, you can continue reading... otherwise we have other products for you.

In this section you can buy homemade jams from the Basque Country that will give joy and sweetness to your breakfasts.

The most daring also use some of the selected jams to make the typical pintxos of Basque gastronomy.

What better than waking up with these wonderful natural Basque products!

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Discovering Basque Jam: Fruit compote from the forests of the Basque Country

Have you ever felt the sweetness of a jam that keeps the work of an ancient people inside? If you are here, it is because you have already heard about jam from the Basque Country, or perhaps you have tried some jam in a farmhouse or agricultural market and you are looking forward to trying it. Well, keep reading because we will reveal surprising details about the jams and options we offer you at Bask Selekt.

What is Homemade Jam?

We have to travel to ancient Egypt to learn the first steps in the creation of jam, at that time it was an ingenious way to preserve fruits for a long time. The technique of cooking fruits with sugar was brought to the West by the Spanish discoverers from America.

Types of Homemade Basque Jam

At Bask Selekt we differentiate them into two types:

- Jams for sweet moments, they are the ideal jams to accompany with breakfast or dessert.

- Jams for salty moments, perfect to accompany meats, cheeses or other salty foods

What are the most notable brands of Jam from the Basque Country?

- Jakion Jam: Artisan jam made with organic farming products.

- Serrano Jam: Since 1880 they have been manufacturing products of the highest quality.

- Juker Jam: Products from the Navarrese garden directly in your jam.

Where to buy Basque Jam online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have a wide selection of Jams ready to be sent directly to your home. You will not only find individual varieties, but also gourmet packs that will combine with your breakfasts and special moments.

Why buy from Bask Selekt?

Because in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of Basque jam, we offer gourmet gift packs and Christmas baskets that will perfectly complement your gift.

How to identify a Basque artisan jam?

- The artisanal and organic jams like the ones you will find at Bask Selekt are made with higher quality fruit, without pesticides or chemical agents.

- The amount of sugar is less than in industrial jams.

- Artisanal jams from the Basque Country have more vitamins than industrial jams.

What is the price of Basque jam?

The range varies depending on the brand, manufacturing process or size. However, at Bask Selekt, we offer options for all budgets. From Jakion blueberry jam at €3.50 to more exclusive options, gourmet jams from Serrano preserves at €4.90.

Open your Jam: The taste of Basque artisan jam Awaits you

Now that you know more about the jam made in the Basque Country, it is time to immerse yourself in its world, you are ready to buy your favorite jam and Bask Selekt is your best ally.

Do you dare to try and discover for yourself the secret of Basque Jam? On egin!