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Oil & Salts from the Basque Country

Eating is one of the greatest joys in life, and who does not enjoy being able to do precisely this while staying healthy at the same time?

Olive oil is practically the only vegetable oil that can be consumed directly virgin, retaining its full content of vitamins and essential fatty acids, which have proven health benefits.

Apart from olive oil, there is no Basque dish that does not contain salt, possibly the oldest condiment used by mankind. What distinguishes our salt is not only its natural production, using traditional techniques, but also the fact that its origin is not the sea but the soil, based on a characteristic process that began around 220 million years ago and is still used today.

We offer you a selection of the best oils and salts found in our country.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

Navarra Oil and Añana Salt, your best allies for your recipes

Every chef has their tricks when it comes to making their favorite dishes, at Bask Selekt we want to reveal our secrets to you. Start and finish the dishes with two fundamental elements of Basque gastronomy, in this case Oil and salt, specifically Navarra Oil and Añana Salt.


What is Navarra Oil like?

Navarra oil has a bitter flavor and a characteristic spiciness, very balanced, light to medium intense, but not sweet.

Medium to intense fruity oil, with minimum values ​​of 4.5 and green notes.

Oil with a high percentage of oleic acid (greater than 72%).

What is Navarra Oil made of?

Navarra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the olives of the following varieties: Arróniz (Native Variety), Empeltre and Arbequina.

Its personality and elegance come from the native Arroniz variety, born and raised under specific agro-climatic conditions of Navarra, giving it its unique character.

Navarra Denomination of Origin Oil

To be an oil with a Navarra designation of origin, it must have at least 10% of the Arróniz variety. As a curiosity, we can tell you that the olives are from flight.

What are the most notable brands of Navarra Oil?

At Bask Selekt without a doubt we opt for the La Maja brand Oil. It is a very high quality oil at a good price.

Where to buy Navarra Oil online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have a wide selection of Navarra Oil ready to be sent directly to your home. You will not only find individual varieties, but also packs that will combine wonderfully with your meals and special moments.

Why buy from Navarra Oil in Bask Selekt?

Because in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of Navarra Oil, we offer gourmet gift packs and Christmas baskets that will perfectly complement your choice.

What is the price of Navarra Oil?

The range varies depending on the brand and variety of the olive. However, at Bask Selekt, we offer options for all budgets, from €6.95 to €17.50.


What is Sal Añana Salt like?

Añana Salt, as its name indicates, is the salt that is obtained from the salt valley in the Alavesa town of Añana.

From this valley, if you heard correctly, from a valley, the most famous gourmet salt in the Basque Country is obtained in a natural and ecological way, appreciated by the best chefs of Spanish gastronomy.

Why is Añana Salt so valuable?

The salt obtained in the Añana salt flats originates through evaporation, creating precious salt crystals. Añana salt is very pure, rich in minerals and trace elements, but above all its great strength is that it enhances the flavor of food. For these reasons it is used in Basque and international gastronomy by the best chefs.

What types of salt are obtained in the Añana salt valley?

In the Añana salt flats, two types of salt are mainly obtained:

- Mineral Salt from Añana Spring: The brine emerges from the subsoil more than 200 million years old.

- Añana Salt Flower Flakes: It is the most valuable salt in terms of price. In the evaporation process, a thin layer of crystals is created on the surface, this layer is the precious fleur de sel.

Where to buy Añana Salt online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have authentic Añana salt in different formats ready to be sent directly to your home. You will not only find the salt individually but as part of a gourmet gift or a Christmas basket so that you can or can give yourself the best salt in the world.

Why buy Añana Salt at Bask Selekt?

Because in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of Añana salt, we offer packs, gourmet gifts and Christmas baskets that will perfectly complement your choice.

What is the price of Añana Salt?

The price varies by the type of salt; If it is mineral spring salt or fleur de sel from Añana and by size, in the case of mineral spring salt from Añana the price is from €3.00 and in the case of fleur de sel from €3.95.