Buy Online Pickled vegetables of the Basque Country and Navarre

Pickled Vegetables: The best of the Navarrese and Basque Orchard

All over the Basque Country and Navarra you can find green landscapes offering an excellent range of agricultural products.

These are closely linked to our identity: for us, they are the roots that unite us with our ancestors, our tradition and the world represented by the Basque farmhouse.

The best way to experience the variety and quality of our farm products are the traditional agricultural markets that can be found throughout the entire country.

We would like to transport you to one of these agricultural fairs, where you can buy the products that most take your fancy.

Among the main gems are: Piquillo peppers, Navarra asparagus, Tudela artichokes, or Ibarra peppers.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

Discovering the preserved vegetables of Navarra: The hidden vegetable treasures in the land of Navarra.

Have you ever felt the pleasure of eating foods that hide within them the work of an ancient people? If you are here, it is because you have already heard about the preserved vegetables from the Navarra garden, or perhaps you have tried some Tudela artichokes, piquillo peppers or Navarra asparagus... and you are looking for more information or, better yet, , you are looking forward to trying them again. Well, keep reading because we will reveal surprising details about Navarra's preserves and the options we offer you at Bask Selekt.

Why are Navarra vegetables so famous?

The Navarrese garden offers you the best seasonal vegetables. All of these high-quality products can also be eaten preserved any day of the year.

The Navarrese countryside, with its rich and fertile soil, has always provided us with high quality vegetables worth preserving.

In Navarre, vegetables have been preserved since the war and post-war era in the mid-20th century; it became necessary to preserve food in order to store it as long as possible at home. And even today part of the blunting process continues to be carried out almost manually.

What are the most recognized vegetables in Navarra?

Among the variety of preserved vegetables from Navarra, the Piquillo Pepper from Lodosa, the Artichoke from Tudela and the Asparagus from Navarra stand out, and other vegetables such as thistle, pochas, tomatoes, leeks and borage. All these products are very famous in the gastronomic world.

Do you want to know more about piquillo peppers? The red jewel of the Navarra orchard

The Lodosa Piquillo Pepper Designation of Origin protects the piquillo peppers grown and processed exclusively in the eight municipalities covered by the Regulation: Andosilla, Azagra, Cárcar, Lerín, Lodosa, Mendavia, San Adrián and Sartaguda.

It is a deep red, fleshy pepper with an important texture that is roasted over a flame, which is why it has a certain roasted aftertaste. It is packaged dry, in such a way that the small amount of transparent and dense liquid that appears when opening the can is the same juice that the pepper has released. Therefore, at Bask Selekt we recommend taking advantage of this natural broth.

How is Navarra Asparagus made? The most famous preserve outside of Navarra

The process of making Asparagus from Navarra begins at the same moment that the asparagus arrives from the field to the cannery. They are selected, classified by size and then peeled and cut off the stem. Once they are blanched by immersion in hot water or steam and cooled, the asparagus with the same characteristics are classified and packaged.

There are many artichokes, but none like those from Tudela. What are their benefits?

The Tudela Artichoke is diuretic, nutritious and low in calories. It is important to know that the Tudela Artichoke can be found whole or in halves and must always be in a glass container. At no time is the use of acidifying or acidity-correcting substances permitted.

Where to buy canned vegetables from Navarra online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have a wide selection of preserves from the Navarrese garden ready to be sent directly to your home. At Bask Selekt you will find the best artichokes from Tudela, the best piquillo peppers and the most delicious asparagus from Navarra.

Because Bask Selekt is synonymous with quality and a good price. At Bask Selekt you will not be able to buy the preserves individually, but we have also prepared gourmet packs and baskets to make them the best gift.

How to identify a quality Navarra preserved vegetable?

Navarra's preserves are identified with the Reyno Gourmet seal.

The Reyno Gourmet brand has more than 2,600 references and all of them include the Reyno Gourmet brand logo on their label, a symbol of differentiation and quality guarantee.

Reyno Gourmet is a guarantee brand created in 2007 by the Government of Navarra, which identifies those agri-food products with quality certification and others that, due to their specific characteristics, are susceptible to differentiation in the Community of Navarra.

Unearth the Secret: The Magic of the Navarra Orchard Awaits You

Now that you know more about Navarra vegetables, it is time to immerse yourself in their world. We have already revealed some details to you, but did you know that there is a secret behind its flavor? The true miracle and personality of Navarre preserves await you in each jar. And if you're ready to find out, Bask Selekt is your best ally.

Do you dare to try and discover for yourself the secret of Navarra's vegetables?