Patxaran, gin, and vermouth from the Basque Country: unique artisanal taste

Patxaran and Liqueurs from the Basque Country

After a pleasant meal in any txoko or Basque restaurant, Patxaran, a spirit obtained by macerating sloes in anise-flavoured spirit, is an absolute must on the table.

The sloes give this sweet liquor its distinctive red colour, aroma and fruity taste.

In this section you will find the renowned Patxaran and discover other liquid treasures from our region, among others, Basque gins and vermouths made in the Basque Country.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

Discovering Pacharan: The mysterious sloe liqueur from Navarre

Have you ever been curious to try a drink that hides within it the essence of an ancient culture? If you are here, it is because you have already heard about Pacharan, or perhaps you have tried it at some point on one of your trips through Navarre or the Basque Country. Well, keep reading because we will reveal surprising details about this liquor and the options we offer you at Bask Selekt.

What is Pacharan from Navarre?

Pacharan or Patxaran in Basque, is a liquor originally from Navarre made by macerating sloes, a wild berry of almost black purple color, fruit of the Blackthorn bush. Perhaps you tried it for the first time in a restaurant when they served it to you after desserts, because it is considered a digestive. And you probably found it delicious, because it is quite sweet.

What is Pacharan from Navarre made of?

Anise is, along with sloes, the only essential ingredient in making pacharan, but cinnamon and coffee beans are also usually used.

How much alcohol does Pacharan from Navarre have?

Its alcoholic content is between 25º and 30º.

What is the history of Pacharan from Navarre?

The history of pacharan, like that of any homemade drink, is fascinating and curious. At least 600 years ago since its first documented record, this liquor was made in almost all the houses and hamlets from Navarre as a digestive remedy and was served after a good meal (the usual thing in Navarre and the Basque Country). In the 19th century, with the improvement of communications, the taste for Pacharan spread to neighboring areas.

Curiosities about Pacharan: That drink originally from Navarre and tradition throughout the Basque Country

In its beginnings, this liquor, being a good digestive, Pacharan was also used for medicinal purposes, and it was usually given to children (not now of course...) when they had stomach pain.

Which is the best Pacharan?

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Where to buy Pacharan from Navarre online?

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What is the price of pacharan from Navarre?

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