Patxaran Gaizka
  • Patxaran Gaizka

Patxaran Gaizka


Top label Navarrese Sloe Brandy (Patxaran), made from pitted sloes. 28% ABV.

Size: 1 unit

Navarrese Sloe Brandy (Patxaran o Pacharán) is a spirit made with typical fruits from Navarra and the Basque Country. Its base ingredients are anise, sugar and wild sloes, which provide this drink with its distinctive red colour, fruity aroma and taste.

A product valued and appreciated by the most exquisite gourmet chefs, this beverage is renowned not only in Spain but throughout the entire world. It also offers important health benefits as it is particularly good for stomach pains and for calming the nervous system, as well as the prevention of arteriosclerosis and heart failure.

Barañano combines family tradition with natural products and technology to obtain quality products with a traditional taste. Each and every one of our artisanal patxarans and liquors are made by following the teachings and secrets of our ancestors.


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