Gilda del Norte Handcrafted -Anchovy-
  • Gilda del Norte Handcrafted -Anchovy-
  • Gilda del Norte Handcrafted -Anchovy-

Gilda del Norte Handcrafted -Anchovy-


Cantabrian Anchovy gilda made by hand at the La Gilda del Norte facilities with its own chilli pepper production.


Artisan Anchovy Gilda 

This banderilla is a pickle that combines olives and chilli, with a fish preserve, generally anchovies, joined by a toothpick. Presently canning and pickling companies usually distribute them ready-made.

The name was given in reference to the main character in the film Gilda, who played the actress Rita Hayworth in 1946 since the flag is "salty, green and a little spicy." The denomination began to be used in San Sebastián.

Like all pickles, its flavor is strong, very acidic, which makes it ideal for consumption as an aperitif accompanied by wine.

At La Gilda del Norte we make all our products by hand. One by one. Selecting the best ingredients and following a daily production system that make our Gildas the freshest and tastiest.

Ingredients: Pitted chamomile olives, anchovies, piparra (sulphites) and sunflower oil.

May contain traces of crustaceans, eggs, milk and mollusks.


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