Buy Online Typical Dishes of Gastronomy of the Basque Country

Gastronomy and Traditional Dishes of the Basque Country Cuisine

Basque cuisine is wide and varied, using diverse ingredients from the Cantabrian Sea and the inland orchards and pastures. However, what most characterises our cuisine is the use of high-quality products.

We want give you a real "txoko" or Basque Country restaurant experience. As such, we have developed a tasty menu with the most representative dishes of our homeland. 

In this section we have prepared two parts: virtual tastings and typical dishes. We hope you enjoy them!

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

  • Virtual Tastings
    <h1>Virtual Tastings on Basque Gastronomy</h1> <p>Travel virtually through flavours to the Basque Country and get the stories behind what you taste.</p> <p>1.5h Private and guided virtual gourmet product tasting through zoom. </p> <p>Ideal for team building, friends or family reunions, birthday parties, etc. For small or big groups from 1-100.</p> <p>We can arrange tastings for any date and time, send us an email to with the desired day and timetable and we will arrange the virtual tasting.</p> <p>1 scatola is for 1 to 4 persons, buy the number of boxes you need acocording to the people who are going to attend the virtual tasting and we will send to you.</p> <p>Available in Spanish and English for all of Europe.</p>
  • Typical dishes
    <h1>Typical dishes of the Basque Gastronomy</h1> <p>The gastronomy and typical food of the Basque Country is characterized by the great variety and quality of its products, with a mixture of sea and mountain recipes</p> <p>Highlighting its fish, fresh vegetables or its famous pintxos that you can find in its bars and restaurants.</p> <p>The exquisite dishes come out of the combination of raw materials and a little imagination.</p> <p>Next, we show you the main typical dishes and pintxos of the Basque Country.</p> <p>We hope you like our selection.</p> <p>On Egin!</p>