Virtual Tastings | Basque Gourmet Products Online Tasting

Virtual Tastings on Basque Gastronomy

Travel virtually through flavours to the Basque Country and get the stories behind what you taste.

1.5h Private and guided virtual gourmet product tasting through zoom. 

Ideal for team building, friends or family reunions, birthday parties, etc. For small or big groups from 1-100.

We can arrange tastings for any date and time, send us an email to with the desired day and timetable and we will arrange the virtual tasting.

1 scatola is for 1 to 4 persons, buy the number of boxes you need acocording to the people who are going to attend the virtual tasting and we will send to you.

Available in Spanish and English for all of Europe.

Tastings Online of Basque Gourmet Products: Discover the Authentic Flavors of Euskadi at Home and Strengthen Your Team

Embark on a sensory journey from the comfort of your home with our online tastings of Basque gourmet products. Explore the richness of authentic flavors from Euskadi, from fresh txakoli to craft beer, wine, cider, and irresistible gildas. Our tastings always include carefully selected pairings to provide you with a complete gastronomic experience.

Benefits of Our Online Tastings:

- Variety of Gourmet Products: Discover the culinary diversity of the Basque Country through high-quality products, from fresh txakoli to craft beer, select wines, cider, and more.

- Exceptional Pairings: Each tasting features exciting pairings, combining beverages and foods to highlight the unique flavors of each product and provide you with a complete experience.

- Guided Experience: Our experts will guide you through the live tasting, sharing knowledge about the origin, production, and tasting notes of each product.

- Comfort at Home: Receive your selection of Basque gourmet products at home, ready to be enjoyed in a tasting experience that will transport you to Euskadi.

How Our Online Tastings Work:

- Personalized Selection: Choose from our thematic tastings that include txakoli, craft beer, wines, cider, and more. Each tasting is designed to offer you a complete and delicious experience.

- Fast and Secure Shipping: We take care of the fast and secure shipping of your selection, ensuring that each product arrives in perfect condition at your home.

- Live Interactive Session: Join our live tasting session, where our experts will take you on a sensory journey, providing real-time information and answering your questions.

Why Choose Our Online Tastings:

- Basque Authenticity: We work directly with local producers to offer you the authenticity and quality of Basque gourmet products.

- Complete Experience: Each tasting is designed to provide you with a complete experience with pairings that highlight the excellence of each product.

- Perfect for Businesses: Strengthen your team's bonds with our online tastings, ideal for team-building events. Connect with your colleagues while enjoying the richness of Basque gastronomy.

- Exclusive Gift or Special Celebration: Whether as a unique gift or for a special celebration, our online tastings are the perfect gift for lovers of Basque gastronomy.

Discover the essence of Euskadi through our online tastings. A gourmet experience that will connect you with the richness of Basque flavors and strengthen your team's bonds!