Chocolate and Craft Beer Tasting
  • Chocolate and Craft Beer Tasting

Chocolate and Craft Beer Tasting


We know that craft beer has been exist for a long time, and the Basque Country has not been left behind. Learn about the stories of some of the local brewers and what makes their beer special. Learn to taste beer like a pro and pair it with delicious award-winning chocolates. Be part of the chocolate revolution and learn to taste them correctly. Join the not so secret love story between beer and chocolate.

1.5h Private and guided virtual Chocolate and Beer tasting through zoom. 

Ideal for team building, friends or family reunions, birthday parties, etc. For small or big groups from 1-100.

Travel virtually through flavours to the Basque Country and get the stories behind what you taste.

We can arrange tastings for any date and time, send us an email to with the desired day and timetable and we will arrange the virtual tasting.

1 box is for 1 to 4 persons, buy the number of boxes you need acocording to the people who are going to attend the virtual tasting and we will send to you.


1 box is for 1 to 4 persons, it includes:

3 Beers

- 1 Blonde Ale Craft Beer.

- 1 Belgian Dark Craft Beer..

- 1 IPA Craft Beer..

- 1 Black Porter Craft Beer..

4 chocolates

4 Award winning chocolate bars made in the Basque Country, including 2 bean to-bar chocolates

- White Chocolate With Citrus And Salt.

- Milk Chocolate With Licorice And Violets.

- Tanzania "bean to bar".

- Peru "bean to bar".


- Virtual tasting sheet and how to prep info.

- Local Basque wine pourer. 

- Expert food & wine guide, certified chocolate taster: Cristina.