Baskselekt | Eusko Label Products: The quality seal of the Basque Country

Eusko Label Products: Quality Guarantee

Welcome to our exclusive section of Basque gastronomic products, where you will find products with the Eusko Label, Euskal Baserri and Ekolurra distinctives. These seals are synonymous with quality, authenticity and commitment to sustainability.

Eusko Label guarantees the local origin and high quality standards of the products. Euskal Baserri certifies that they come from Basque farms, ensuring their origin and care in production. Ekolurra, for its part, is the seal that indicates that the product is organic, respecting the environment.

In this section, we offer you a careful selection of products that reflect the richness and diversity of Basque gastronomy. From meat and fish to fruits, vegetables and other artisanal products, here you will find the best of local and organic production.

Each product with these hallmarks goes through rigorous quality controls to ensure its authenticity and freshness. With this section, you support local producers and sustainability, and you can enjoy the unique flavors of the Basque Country.

Explore our selection of products with Eusko Label, Euskal Baserri and Ekolurra, and bring the tradition and excellence of Basque cuisine to your table. Discover your next favorite ingredient today!

What is Bask Selekt?

Bask Selekt is an exclusive collection of Basque gastronomic products that brings together the best of local production. This selection includes high-quality food and products, many of which carry the prestigious Eusko Label, ensuring authenticity and Basque origin.

What does it mean to have the Eusko Label on a product?

The Eusko Label is a certification that guarantees products are made and processed according to strict quality standards in the Basque Country. It indicates authenticity and commitment to sustainable and high-quality practices.

What types of products can I find in Bask Selekt with Eusko Label?

In Bask Selekt, you can find a wide range of products with the Eusko Label, from meats and fish to fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and artisanal products. Each of these products has undergone strict quality checks to ensure its origin and freshness.

Why is the Eusko Label important?

The Eusko Label is important because it supports the authenticity and quality of Basque products. It also promotes supporting local producers and encourages sustainable practices in food production.

How can I buy Bask Selekt products with the Eusko Label?

On our website, you can visit the Bask Selekt section to explore and purchase products with the Eusko Label. Simply select the products you like and follow the instructions to complete your online purchase.

What's the difference between Eusko Label and other labels like Euskal Baserri and Ekolurra?

The Eusko Label certifies the quality and Basque origin of products. Euskal Baserri focuses on products that come specifically from Basque farms, while Ekolurra guarantees that products are organic. All these labels are found in the Bask Selekt section, where you can discover a variety of quality products.