Sliced Basque ham 100gr Urdetxe
  • Sliced Basque ham 100gr Urdetxe

Sliced Basque ham 100gr Urdetxe


Ham elaborated with white pork raised in free range in farms of the Basque Country: A flavor to discover absolutely!


A ham that has had the Eusko Label since the end of 2014.

Ham made with authentic free-range Basque farmhouse pigs.

The legs, identified with seals that guarantee traceability throughout the process, are taken to the Salamanca drying room, where after a careful salting process the hams are cured for up to 30 months. At that point they are transferred again to the drying room at the facilities that Basatxerri has in Zestoa, to supervise the last months of ripening, in order to process them at their optimal ripening moment, to guarantee the maximum quality of the final product. The hams are sold either on the bone or sliced ​​in 100g envelopes.


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