Payment method

We accept the following payment methods, so that you may choose the method most convenient to you:

1) Card payment

Payments may be made via debit and credit cards, 4B, Visa and MasterCard. 

All operations which involve the transmission of personal information or banking details will be carried out utilizing a secure environment. Bask Selekt uses the secure payment gateway of the financial entity La Caixa in such a way that no data sent or received by same may be revealed, intercepted or altered.

In the same way, credit card information will not be registered in any database but, rather, go directly to the PST (the bank’s Point of Sale Terminal).

 2) Bank transfer

Once you have finalized your order, you will receive an email immediately with all the detailed information concerning the order. Once received, you should carry out a bank transfer of the amount therein to the following account:

Bank: La Caixa

IBAN: ES06 2100 0732 2202 0113 8754


Once the transfer to the above account has been effectuated, send us a copy of the transfer receipt by email to Once we receive your receipt, the administration staff will give the order to our logistics services to send out your order.

 3) Payment by PayPal 

PayPal permits payment via the debit card, credit card or bank account that you have registered with said company.

- PayPal is secure: PayPal securely stores its financial information and protects it with the leading security systems and fraud prevention protocols on the market. Moreover, your financial details are never shared with the vendor.

- PayPal is quick and easy: you won’t have to introduce card or bank account information to pay. All you need is your email address and a password. 

Once you’ve finished the purchasing process, an email is sent out to your access outlining the details of your purchase. We ask that you please contact us if you do not receive this email. 

If you decide to pay by bank transfer, the confirmation email will also contain the numbers of the account to which you must make the transfer. Please clearly specify to us by email your name and the number of the order indicated in the confirmation email.

All our products have VAT included. The charge will be made in euros, independently of the country in which the purchase is being made, since it is the client’s bank that applies the exchange rate from the EUR to your local currency. The exchange rate applied to our prices is the official exchange rate of the Central European Bank, which is updated monthly.