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Basque Cold Meats & Pâté

The cold meats that can be found throughout the different corners of the Basque Country are synonymous with excellent raw materials, tradition and a lot of love and dedication.

Basque cuisine presents you with dishes that combine local varieties with those typical of other parts of Spain. Txistorra, Jamón and Chorizo are a just few of these.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

Discovering the Basque Cold Meats: Chorizo ​​Ham, Txistorra, Basque Pate…and its Hidden Magic

Have you ever felt that nervousness when trying an unknown gastronomic product? If you are here, it is because you are curious to know more about the cold meats and Pâtés that are produced in the Basque Country, or perhaps you have ever tried Basque ham or chorizo ​​and are looking for more information or, better yet, you are eager to try it again. . Well, keep reading because we will reveal surprising details about Basque Cold Meats and the options we offer you at Bask Selekt.

There are many hams, but none like the Basque one.

Throughout Spain we can taste many excellent types of Ham: Extremadura Ham, Andalusian Ham or Teruel Ham, but none like the ham produced in the Basque Country.

It is the great unknown, have you ever tried Basque ham?

What is Basque Ham like?

Basque Ham is a high quality ham, gently juicy, with an intense and fine aroma of nuts and a pleasant long-lasting flavor. This ham from free-range pigs in the Basque Country (pastures and forests) has been air-dried in a slow process for more than 36 months.

Why is Basque Ham delicious and so different from the rest?

The essential key factors for the ham to be delicious are:

The special breed of pig: the pig breed is a cross between Landrace females (25%) with Large White (25%) and Canadian Duroc males (50%), which combined with the diet and breeding system makes the meat is rich in fat. The result is high-quality, tender and especially tasty meat.

The weight of Basque pigs is above the market average, around 120 kg/carcass, which gives the meat more and better flavor.

Habitat and physical exercise: Pigs grow in freedom with sufficient access to natural food and without stress. It is an open-air breeding system in which the diet is based on natural feed without by-products or fats. The animals have approximately one hectare for every 25 pigs, which means that the animals are in constant movement during the fattening phase.

The origin and welfare of the animals are controlled and certified by the "Eusko Label" quality seal.

Do you know the secrets of Eusko Label Ham?

All products that carry the “Eusko Label” seal have the quality requirement to be on the market.

Farmhouse Pork meat with “Eusko Label” is a high quality product with a high health guarantee, coming from animals raised, slaughtered and butchered in the Basque Country. Healthy, completely controlled outdoor rearing contributes to achieving high-quality meat with a greater amount of infiltrated fat and exceptional flavor and tenderness.

La Txistorra, the most famous Navarrese sausage

The txistorra is the best-known Basque-Navarrean sausage. The sausage that today is known by the term “chistorra” or “txistorra” in Basque is a typical sausage originating from Navarra.

The presence of the chistorra or txistorra in Navarrese gastronomy dates back, at least, to the beginning of the 19th century.

Chistorra is a product that was originally born in Navarra and that, due to the reputation and widespread diffusion it acquires, is consumed throughout Spain.

It is made with top quality pork, garlic, salt and paprika. Stuffed in natural casing, it becomes an excellent semi-cured sausage. Therefore, it must be cooked beforehand.

It is exquisite fried, roasted or even cooked.

Basque Pates, a great tradition in the Basque Country

French pâtés are very recognized throughout the world, given the French influence in Basque cuisine and the proximity of France to the Basque Country, which has resulted in pâtés, foie and mousses being made in this region of northern Spain. excellent duck and goose.

Not as famous as the French, but they maintain the same quality at a better price.

At Bask Selekt we give you the opportunity to take Basque pate or foie and mousse made in the Basque Country from the farm to your home.

What are the brands of pâté, foie or duck or goose mousses from the Basque country?

There are quite a few brands of Basque pate and manufacturers of Basque foie, but these are, in the opinion of Bask Selekt, the tastiest and the ones you can find in our Martiko, Eskuola and Urdetxe store.

What is the price of Basque Pates?

The range varies depending on the brand and whether it is Pate, Foie or mouse, At Bask Selekt you can find Basque pates from €4.95.

Dare to go outside the rules and try Basque Cold Meats funnels and Pates

Now that you know more about Basque Ham, Chorizo ​​and Basque Pates, it is time to dare to try them, for this Bask Selekt is your best ally. At Bask Selekt we guarantee authenticity and quality of each Ham, Chorizo, Txistorrra or Pate, we offer gourmet gift packs and Christmas baskets that will perfectly complement your choice.

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