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Red Wine from the Basque Country

In this section, Bask Selekt invites you on a trip through different points in the Basque geography, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the Rioja Alavesa and Navarra wines.

The climate and composition of the soil are factors that determine the division of the "Rioja" appellation of origin into three areas: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa. The land in the Rioja Alavesa is rugged, calcareous and very suitable for the cultivation of wine, with short summers and mild winters. The wine presents a more intense colour and inferior acidity level than that produced in the Rioja Alta. The result is a range of tempranillo red wines, that achieve high levels of quality.

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What are the wines of Rioja Alavesa like?

The most common wine that we find in Rioja Alavesa is red wine. The vast majority of red wine produced is from the Tempranillo grape variety.

The main characteristics of these gastronomic treasures are: The broths have a bright and vivid color; with a fine and intense aroma, and a fruity flavor, which is velvety and warm on the palate.

How many wineries can you find in Rioja Alavesa?

In Rioja Alavesa there are nearly 400 wineries and 12,934 hectares of vineyards.

What is the best wine from Rioja Alavesa?

It is very difficult to answer that question, but we are sure that Bask Selekt contains the best wines from Rioja Alavesa. At Bask Selekt we highlight, among others, the reserve wines from Eguren Ugarte, Fincas de Landaluce or those you can find at Bodega Lar de Paula among others...

What types of wine can you find in Rioja Alavesa?

The wines of Rioja Alavesa are divided into different categories, young wines, aged wines, reserve wines or great reserves and you can also find signature wines from Rioja Alavesa. You can find them all on the best Rioja Alavesa wine website:

Rioja Alavesa Young Wine or Carbonic Maceration, What is it?

Carbonic maceration is a fermentation process in which the bunches of grapes are placed in the tanks whole, without destemming and in an atmosphere very poor in oxygen, less than 1%.

The young wine from Rioja Alavesa is made through the carbonic maceration process. What is the difference between carbonic maceration and fermentation?

They are completely different treatments. The main difference between alcoholic fermentation and carbonic maceration is that the former is carried out with yeast, while the latter uses enzymes.

Crianza Rioja Alavesa Wines: What are the Crianza wines from Rioja Alavesa like?

Aromatic, subtle and, above all, elegant, the Crianzas wines from Rioja Alavesa have a minimum of 24 months of aging, spending at least 12 months in barrels, which allows them to provide that characteristic aroma and flavor capable of satisfying the most palates. distinguished and sybaritic.

The wines of the Rioja Alavesa Crianza Denomination of Origin provide new and elegant aromas, achieved thanks to the time spent in the barrel, which combine intensity and sophistication.

With great versatility, they are ideal for both everyday use and for more elaborate dishes, and as soon as you discover them they will become an essential item in your cellar. A sure value, vintage after vintage.

Rioja Alavesa Reserva Wines: What is a Rioja Alavesa Reserva wine?

The term “reserve” in Rioja refers to a longer aging that benefits the subsequent evolution of the wine.

With a geographical location in the Ebro valley and a climate with Atlantic, continental and Mediterranean influences, the Rioja Alavesa Reserva Denomination of Origin wine is one of the most exclusive in Rioja Alavesa, made from the best harvests and with careful and prolonged aging that guarantees maximum potential and organoleptic qualities.

Reserva Rioja Alavesa Wines: What characteristics do they have?

At Bask Selekt we offer you a journey full of unrepeatable flavors through our online store, with our Reservas Rioja Alavesa wines, a guarantee for your enjoyment and with an elegant taste that is difficult to forget.

You will find a select collection of Rioja Alavesa Reserve wines, a subzone of Rioja.

The Rioja Alavesa Reserva Denomination of Origin wines have a longer aging period than the “crianzas”, with a minimum of 36 months, of which they spend at least 12 months in oak barrels, which allows you to enjoy of elegant aromas that will conquer your nose and palate.

Due to its aromatic characteristics, acidity, elegant tannins, balance and structure, Rioja Alavesa reserves pair exquisitely with roast meats and game stews.

Where can I buy wine from the Rioja Alavesa denomination Online?

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At Bask Selekt you can buy young wines or carbonic maceration wines, the best aging and reserves and of course the most special signature wines from Rioja Alavesa.

What is the price of Rioja Alavesa Wine?

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