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Gomez de Segura Crianza Wine
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Gomez de Segura Crianza Wine


Explore the elegance and tradition with every sip of our Crianza Gómez de Segura. Coming from the most select vineyards and crafted with artisanal passion, this oak-aged wine unveils a complexity of flavors that will delight your senses. Enjoy the harmony between ripe fruits, hints of vanilla, and a subtle touch of spices, culminating in a smooth and prolonged finish. Discover the winemaking legacy of Gómez de Segura and make every occasion memorable with our Crianza.


Dive into the incomparable sensory experience offered by our exclusive Crianza Gómez de Segura wine. Coming from the historic vineyards of our estate, located in the picturesque wine region of La Rioja, each bottle of our Crianza carries centuries of tradition and passion for viticulture.

Our meticulous production process begins with the careful selection of the best Tempranillo grapes, grown with care in mineral-rich soils and bathed by the warm Mediterranean sun. After manual harvesting, the grapes are precisely fermented and then patiently aged in oak barrels for at least 12 months.

The result is a wine of deep complexity and character, where seductive aromas of ripe red fruits intertwine with delicate notes of cedar, vanilla, and spices. In the mouth, a balanced and elegant structure unfolds with soft tannins caressing the palate and a long and gratifying finish.

From intimate dinners to special occasions, our Crianza Gómez de Segura is the perfect companion for every occasion. Elevate your most memorable moments with the distinction and quality that only our wine can offer. Discover the art of Gómez de Segura in every glass and be enchanted by the magic of La Rioja with every sip.

The grapes ferment in stainless steel tanks for about 10 days. Then, the process continues for 5-8 days with daily pump-overs. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is transferred to American and French oak barrels for 12 months and finishes its aging in bottle.

Tasting Notes: A deep dark cherry-red color, with good cleanliness and brightness. Aromas of aging with predominance of new wood over an elegant background of well-ripened black fruits. On the palate, well-integrated acidity and a full, silky passage with a long, intense finish in flavors and well-structured.

Food Pairing: Perfect to accompany Mediterranean cuisine, fried foods, grilled vegetables, legumes, rice, pasta, fish, ham, chorizo, pâtés, roasted, stewed or grilled meats, soft or semi-cured cheeses.

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