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Basque Country Gourmet Gifts

An ideal gastronomic gift hamper.

If you want to surprise a friend, partner or family member who likes Basque gastronomy, you are on the right website. 

We have prepared a selection of Basque gourmet gastronomic packs designed as a gift.

All packs, in addition to containing high-quality products, are packed and decorated with an elegant wooden box, ideal not only to surprise but also to transport and reuse in the future. 

If you want to personalize the Bask Pack with the message you want, you just have to tell us.

We are sure that with our selection you will succeed!

Have you wondered why packs with gourmet products from the Basque Country are star gifts? Read this article and discover Basque gastronomy in the Bask Selekt style. We promise that in the end you will have all the details to choose the best hamper of Basque gastronomic products!

Why choose a hamper of Basque delicatessen products?

By giving a pack with Basque gourmet products, you are not only giving the gift of high-quality gastronomy, but you are also giving the gift of culture. All the gourmet gifts that you will find at Bask Selekt have a connection with the Basque gastronomic culture, they are something more than the sum of drink and food, you are giving away culture, feelings, roots and tradition.

A piece of the Basque Country in a wooden box

In Bask Selekt's gourmet gifts, you will find the main gastronomic jewels of the Basque Country; the best Txakoli, the best Idiazabal, the best tuna from the north, the best gildas, the best asparagus from Navarra…

What is the difference between the Bask Selekt gourmet Basque product hampers and the rest of the gastronomic gifts?

Bask Selekt gourmet baskets are differentiated by:

- The best of Basque products: Authentic and high-quality flavors of the Basque Country. Being Basque we know how to choose the best from here for you!

- An elegant presentation: It's not just the delights inside, but how it is displayed. Our baskets of Basque products are always presented in an elegant wooden box.

- Basque Culture: Bask Selekt gourmet gifts are not only select products from the Basque Country, in all gifts we tell a story related to gastronomic culture, a gift that transmits values ​​and tradition.

What are the prices of Bask Selekt's Basque gourmet gifts?

The price varies depending on the Basque gastronomic experience you choose, but for a little more than €30.00 you can send your select Basque gift to whoever you want.

If I'm looking for something that represents the Basque Country, what options do I have?

At Bask Selekt we have different packs closely related to different Basque culinary traditions, unique gourmet gifts, among others:

- The gilda hamper, so you can make your own gilda.

- The txotx hamper, so you can live the experience of a cider house.

- The marianito hamper, to experience the vermouth moment like in Basque Country.

- The hamaiketako hamper, to enjoy a good lunch.


Our Gourmet Recommendation

By giving a select basket from Bask Selekt, you are offering more than just a bundle of products. You are sharing a part of Basque gastronomic culture. Make your selection and surprise yourself with the authentic flavor of Basque Country!

Have you resolved all your doubts? If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. At Bask Selekt, we're here to help you choose the perfect gourmet batch.