Baskselekt | Basque Cider: Natural drink form the Basque Country

Cider from the Basque Country

It would be unthinkable to leave the Basque Country without drinking and eating in one of our famous and unique cider houses.

Cider is the perfect excuse to enjoy the gastronomy and wonderful atmosphere that can be found at the great txotx fiesta.

What is the txotx?

Although technically it is the action of tapping the "kupela" (barrel), this magic word, which also refers to the stick used to open and close the barrels, encompasses far more than the simple act of enjoying a glass of good natural cider.

For the people of Gipuzkoa, the txotx is one of their hallmarks, being a festive act deeply rooted in friendship, respect, culture and fun. Txotx!!!

On Egin!!

Bon Appétit!!

Discovering Basque Natural cider: Cider is more than just a gastronomic product

Basque cider has a color that ranges from pale yellow to darker yellow. With a touch of natural carbon on the palate, its acidity is fresh and pleasant, and depending on the style of the cider maker, it presents more or less bitter and tannic tones. On the nose it gives off aromas of the raw material and strawberry.

Basque cider in numbers:

- There are around 50 cider houses.

- 474 hectares of apple trees.

- 1,200,000 liters of cider annually.

- 2,000,000 kilos of apples.

- 250 apple producers.

How much alcohol does Basque cider have?

5%, cider is a low alcoholic beverage.

What is the best Basque cider?

It is very difficult to answer that question, but we are sure that you can find it in the best Basque cider store: Bask Selekt.

How do you drink cider in the Basque Country?

The cider is drunk fresh from the barrel and is accompanied with Basque cuisine such as fried cod with peppers, cod omelette or cheese with quince and walnuts. The cider is drunk shouting “Txotx"!

What is Txotx?

“Txotx” means “stick” in Basque. That's why when you wanted to try the cider from a barrel, you took out the “txotx”, the toothpick, and the cider flowed and filled the glasses of those present. More than 100 years ago the word txotx was used to refer to this wonderful moment.

What is the ideal temperature to serve cider in the Basque Country?

Cider should be served cold, between 7-10°C. It is at this temperature when all the taste and aromatic properties are revealed.

Main differences between Basque and Asturian cider?

- Basque cider must be kept at a lower temperature than Asturian cider, which makes our drink a little more acidic.

- Regarding pressing, Basque cider is up to five times larger than Asturian cider.

- Asturian cider changes during its barrel manufacturing process, which is known as racking.

- And of course, the type of apple, which will completely change the flavor and aroma of the broth. Slightly sweeter apples are used in Basque cider.

- In terms of color, Basque cider has a paler color.

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