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Basque Etxebarria Cider with Eusko Label: Quality and Tradition

In our online shop for gourmet beverages from the Basque Country, we offer the authentic Etxebarria Cider with Eusko Label, a symbol of quality and origin. This Cider is made with native Basque apples and follows traditional methods that ensure a fresh and balanced flavor with a slight effervescence.

Etxebarria Cider is ideal for sharing and pairs perfectly with typical Basque dishes such as pintxos, cheese, and seafood. The Eusko Label certifies its authenticity, making it a safe choice for Cider lovers.

Buy Etxebarria Cider from our online shop and receive your order with fast and secure deliveries. Don't miss the chance to enjoy a true Basque experience. Order today and bring the taste of the Basque Country to your home.


Etxebarria Cider: Tradition and Quality with Eusko Label

In our online shop for gourmet beverages from the Basque Country, we are proud to offer the authentic Basque Etxebarria Cider, a product that carries the prestigious Eusko Label. This distinction certifies the quality and authenticity of Basque products, ensuring they are made with local ingredients and using traditional processes.

Characteristics of Etxebarria Cider with Eusko Label

- Etxebarria Cider, with its unique Eusko Label, stands out for:

- 100% Local Ingredients: The apples used for Etxebarria Cider come exclusively from Basque orchards, cultivated without additives or chemical pesticides.

- Traditional Production: Etxebarria Cider is produced following traditional methods, with a natural fermentation process and rigorous quality control to ensure authentic flavor.

- Unique Taste: Thanks to its traditional production process and local apples, Etxebarria Cider offers a balanced taste with fruity notes and a slight acidity. Its lightness and effervescence make it ideal for any occasion.

- Versatility in Pairing: Cider can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of Basque dishes, such as cheeses, pintxos, and seafood.

- Eusko Label Certification: This quality label ensures that Cider Etxebarria meets the highest standards for production and origin, guaranteeing a truly Basque product.

Buy Etxebarria Cider from Our Online Shop

When you buy Etxebarria Cider with Eusko Label, you're choosing an authentic and high-quality beverage. Our online shop offers:

Fast and Secure Delivery: We guarantee fast and secure delivery, so you can enjoy your cider as soon as possible.

Personalized Customer Service: We're available to answer all your questions and help you choose the best cider for you.

Variety of Gourmet Products: Besides Etxebarria Cider, we offer a wide selection of gourmet products from the Basque Country, allowing you to explore the culinary richness of the region.

Order Your Etxebarria Cider Today

Don't wait to discover the authentic Basque sidra with Eusko Label. Order today and enjoy the tradition and taste of the Basque Country at home. Visit our online shop for gourmet beverages to explore our selection of ciders and other exclusive products.

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