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Canned Fish: The best of the Cantabrian Sea

The sea plays a fundamental role in our landscape and history, offering us authentic and tasty treasures.

Anchovies, tuna, hake, mackerel or sardines have a well-deserved reputation for being some of the succulent delicacies of the Basque cuisine.

These are complemented by other products with a great fishing tradition such as cod or tuna.

We have cast our net out into the Cantabrian Sea, in order to delight you with the treasures provided by our sea.

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Discovering the canned fish of the Cantabrian Sea: The hidden treasures in the Cantabrian Sea.

Have you ever felt the pleasure of eating foods that hide within them the work of an ancient people? If you are here, it is because you have already heard about canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea, or perhaps you have tried some of the Bonito del Norte or Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea... and you are looking for more information or, better yet, you are looking forward to returning to try them. Well, keep reading because we will reveal surprising details about the canned fish that the Cantabrian Sea offers us and the options that we offer you at Bask Selekt.

Why are canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea so famous?

The Cantabrian Sea is an open and rough sea, rich in food, where numerous species coexist: the delicate northern albacore, the bighorn or bluefin tuna, the mackerel or northern mackerel (starling) and the famous Cantabrian anchovy.

Canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea stand out for their high quality, which has led them to be considered high-end products in the best restaurants and gourmet stores in the world.

What are the most recognized canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea?

The Cantabrian Sea is full of gastronomic treasures, gastronomic jewels that surprise any lover of good food.

If you are looking for high-quality canned fish, the Cantabrian Sea is undoubtedly the one that will best satisfy your needs. Not only is the quality of the raw material important, but all the canneries in the Basque Country treat the product in an artisanal way and with the utmost care and quality controls to guarantee the best result: the best canned fish in the world.

Among the most famous preserves are undoubtedly the northern tuna and the artisanal anchovy from the Cantabrian Sea, but these two are not the only products that the Cantabrian Sea provides. Below we will discover other preserves that are also very tasty.

More preserves apart from the famous Bonito del Norte and Cantabrian Anchovies:

Tuna in olive oil: Tuna is a high-quality blue fish, which is preserved in olive oil to maintain its freshness and flavor. Olive oil also helps improve omega-3 levels in fish.

Sardines in olive oil: Sardines are a small and tasty fish, which are preserved in olive oil to maintain their freshness and flavor. Olive oil also helps improve omega-3 levels in fish.

Pickled mussels: Mussels are cooked and marinated in a mixture of vinegar, oil, garlic, onion, spices and herbs, to give them a sweet and sour and spicy flavor.

Do you want to know more about the Northern Albacore? The jewel of the Cantabrian Sea of ​​the canneries of the Basque Country

Canned northern albacore, made with the highest quality raw materials and with the experience of more than 100 years producing canned northern albacore.

The albacore or northern albacore tuna is the most valued species of the tuna family, standing out for its white tone, delicate meat, exquisite flavor and soft texture. Also called “Thunnus Alalunga”, it is caught in the Cantabrian Sea using traditional fishing gear, from which the best preserved tuna loins and the most precious belly belly are obtained.

In canneries in the Basque Country they are cleaned and manually placed in glass jars or cans. A manual process, which is done in an artisanal way so that the Bonito del Norte maintains all its properties and the delicious flavor.

Bask Selekt we have different options to buy Albacore from the North of the Basque Country, so whatever format is most suitable for you, you will find it at Bask Selekt. And don't worry if you don't want to eat it right away since preserved northern albacore improves over time, so it is recommended to store it in the pantry or cellar after purchasing it.

How are Cantabrian anchovies made by hand? Salted anchovy, the flavor of the Cantabrian Sea.

Salting is a traditional technique for preserving anchovies. It consists of coating a food with salt to make it available for consumption over a longer period of time. This technique was introduced by the Phoenicians in 1000 BC and was developed during the time of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, salted fish was transported from coastal towns to the interior of the country, exchanged for other products that were lacking on the coast, such as wheat, oil, etc.

To make salted anchovies, a traditional technique is followed that has been used for years in homes on the Cantabrian coast, and is followed by artisanal canning factories in the Basque Country.

What are the steps to make salted Cantabrian anchovies?

These are the steps to follow in this manual process:

1. Fresh anchovies that have just arrived at the ports of the Basque Country must be salted and put in brine.

2. The anchovy is removed from the brine and headed and gutted.

3. Add a layer of salt to the base of the container in which the anchovies will be preserved.

In the case of canneries in the Basque Country, they are usually packaged in 5 and 10 kilo cans.

4. On top of the salt base, put a layer of anchovies. Then add another layer of salt and another layer of anchovies. This is how layers or layers of anchovies are formed, with a certain amount of salt between layers.

5. A lid is placed on each can and a weight (cement block) is placed on it, which serves as a press and whose purpose is dehydration and degreasing.

6. After about a hundred days, the fish has matured, has taken on a reddish color and the appropriate aroma. Therefore, the lid is removed, the inside of the can is cleaned with brine and covered with salt to definitively seal it hermetically.

The maturation and processing of anchovies is a complex process, so we recommend buying them at Bask Selekt rather than making inventions at home…

Where to buy Cantabrian preserves online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have a wide selection of canned foods from the Cantabrian Sea ready to be sent directly to your home. In Bask Selekt you will find, among others, the best Bonito del Norte and the best anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Because Bask Selekt is synonymous with quality and a good price. At Bask Selekt you will not be able to buy canned fish individually, but we have also prepared packs of canned fish from the sea and gourmet baskets that contain the best canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea, to make them the best gift.

What are the best fish canneries in the Cantabrian Sea?

At Bask Selekt we like to promote the products of the Basque Country, so for us the best canneries are in the Basque Country (without detracting from the rest of the canneries in the Cantabrian Sea).

Among these canning companies, the most recognized brands that you can find in Bask Selekt are: Conservas Zallo, Conservas Arroyabe, Conservas Echebastar and Anchoas Karmelo Toja.

Fishing our Secret: The Magic of the Cantabrian Sea Awaits You

Now that you know more about canned fish, it is time to immerse yourself in its world. We have already revealed some details to you, but did you know that there is a secret behind its flavor? The true miracle and personality of seafood preserves await you in every jar and can. And if you're ready to find out, Bask Selekt is your best ally.

Do you dare to try and discover for yourself the secret of Cantabrian preserves?