Gilda del Norte -Boquerón-
  • Gilda del Norte -Boquerón-

Gilda del Norte -Boquerón-


Gilda of "Boquerón" from the Cantabrian Sea elaborated manually in the facilities of La Gilda del Norte with its own production of chilli (15-16 units)


Gilda de Boquerón in Artisanal Vinegar

The classic anchovy gilda. One of the most famous appetizers if you accompany it with a good vermouth. This gilda is composed of selected manzanilla olives, pickled Basque piparra, Cantabrian anchovy in vinegar. A very careful selection of ingredients to make the best gilda on the market.

At La Gilda del Norte they make all their products by hand at their facilities in Lezama. One by one. Selecting the best ingredients and following a daily preparation system that makes the Gildas the freshest and tastiest.

Ingredients: Stoned manzanilla olives, anchovy in vinegar, piparra (sulfites) and sunflower oil.

May contain traces of crustaceans, eggs, milk and molluscs.


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