Original Gastronomic Details of the Basque Country | Elkano Hamper Pack

The Basque Gastronomic Gift of Juan Sebastián Elkano's adventure

Elkano Hamper:

Who receives it:

Hello, I am Juan Sebastián Elcano, a Basque sailor, known for being the first person to go around the Earth in an adventure that I started together with my friend Magallanes.

The sea is very strong and we have lost the main mast of the ship, I do not know if we will survive this trip, so I would like to share my greatest secrets with whoever receives the message.

I have sailed all the seas, I have known many cultures, people and gastronomy, but without a doubt the best corners are in my house, in the Basque Country. With this message I want to share my favorite gastronomic products so that they are not forgotten and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I leave you in this box a selection of the best of the sea and the land... I hope you enjoy these delicacies that I have missed so much during my long journeys.

Signed by Juan Sebastián Elcano

August 4, 1526

...letter found in a chest on a remote beach...