Original Gastronomic Details of the Basque Country | Elkano Hamper Pack

The Basque Gastronomic Gift of Juan Sebastián Elkano's adventure

Elkano Hamper:

Who receives it:

Hello, I am Juan Sebastián Elcano, a Basque sailor, known for being the first person to go around the Earth in an adventure that I started together with my friend Magallanes.

The sea is very strong and we have lost the main mast of the ship, I do not know if we will survive this trip, so I would like to share my greatest secrets with whoever receives the message.

I have sailed all the seas, I have known many cultures, people and gastronomy, but without a doubt the best corners are in my house, in the Basque Country. With this message I want to share my favorite gastronomic products so that they are not forgotten and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I leave you in this box a selection of the best of the sea and the land... I hope you enjoy these delicacies that I have missed so much during my long journeys.

Signed by Juan Sebastián Elcano

August 4, 1526

...letter found in a chest on a remote beach...

Discover Elkano Hamper: A 100% Basque Gastronomic Treasure Revealed by Juan Sebastián Elkano

Welcome to Elkano Hamper by Bask Selekt! Immerse yourself in the exquisiteness and elegance of a gourmet gift that transcends time and tradition. This exclusive wooden chest, evoking the charm of a maritime trunk, is more than a gift; it is a gastronomic treasure unveiled by Juan Sebastián Elkano himself.

The Elegance of Elkano Hamper:

In every detail of this wooden chest, you will find the essence of elegance and sophistication. Inspired by Elkano's journey, this maritime trunk holds not only gastronomic products of the highest quality but also the last letter written by Juan Sebastián Elkano. It's like opening a window to the past and discovering the culinary secrets that have marked the history of the Basque Country.

A Gift for Special Occasions:

Elkano Hamper is more than a gift; it is an experience that pays tribute to the legendary figure of Juan Sebastián Elkano. Perfect for Father's Day, birthdays, or other special celebrations, this gastronomic treasure is an expression of appreciation and good taste.

Contents of the Chest:

Inside, Elkano Hamper houses a carefully selected array of 100% Basque gourmet products, each representing the culinary richness of the Basque Country. From local delights to unique products, this gift is a showcase of the diversity and quality that only Bask Selekt can offer.

Elkano's Last Letter:

But the true gem of Elkano Hamper is the last letter written by Juan Sebastián Elkano. In it, he shares thoughts, experiences, and culinary secrets, giving a unique and personal touch to this exceptional gift.

How to Get Your Elkano Hamper:

Discover Elkano Hamper in our online store and get hold of this 100% Basque gastronomic treasure for gifting or enjoying on special occasions. Celebrate with elegance and flavor, just as Juan Sebastián Elkano would.

Elkano Hamper by Bask Selekt:

Where history, elegance, and 100% Basque gastronomy come together to create an unforgettable experience.