Typical Basque Sweets | Artisan Chocolates from the Basque Country

Sweets, Chocolates and Desserts from Basque Country

The richness of Basque cuisine can be experienced in all sorts of dishes, from starters that whet the appetite to great main courses.

Accordingly, it also boasts an excellent and versatile repertoire of sweets and desserts. Most of our desserts emerged, inevitably, from the creativity of amatxus (mothers) and amamas (grandmothers), who created and keep on creating true wonders with the raw materials available at home.

On Egin!! Bon Appétit!!

Discovering the Typical Sweets and Desserts of the Basque Country

Everything that starts well must end well, that's why in the Basque Country we have made an effort to finish any lunch or dinner as it deserves: With a delicious dessert!

What are the typical sweets and desserts of Euskadi?

In each town or province there are different sweets and products made in Basque pastries representing each area, but at Bask Selekt we believe that the best-known desserts from the Basque Country, among others, are:

The Basque cake or Basque cake, the Cigarettes and Tiles de Tolosa, the Chocolate Truffles from Bilbao or the artisan Chocolates from our workshops.

What is Basque Cake? The most famous cake in the Basque Country

Basque cake (gâteau basque) is a very popular dessert today. Its origin dates back to the 18th century in the Basque-French region of Lapurdi. This is a homemade cake. It was done in order to take advantage of the surplus eggs, in times of large laying, and the homemade jams and jams that were made with fruits from their own collection, such as the very famous black cherries of Itxasou, which currently have a gastronomic Brotherhood that promotes.

This cake has gradually become popular practically throughout the Basque Country. Modern techniques have been replacing jam with pastry cream.

It comes in the shape of a cake with a circular base, about 20 cm. in diameter, although they are made to order in the desired size, even individual.

The Basque Pastry Festival (Fête du Gâteau Basque) is organized every year in Cambo-les-Bains. There is a museum dedicated to pastel, Le Musée du Gâteau Basque, in Sare.

Where to buy authentic Basque Cake online?

You're lucky! At Bask Selekt we have the best Basque Cake ready to be sent directly to your home. You will not only find individual varieties, but also packs that will combine wonderfully with your meals and special moments.

What is the price of Basque Cake?

Range varies depending on size and box. However, at Bask Selekt, we offer options for all budgets. From the mini Basque cake at €3 to the Basque cake in a Guggi titanium box at €20.

Tolosa tiles and cigarettes, the crunchy sweet of the Basque

Tiles and cigarettess from Tolosa are an artisanal almond sweet, with a delicious crunchy texture, essential on the dessert menu of restaurants, steakhouses, cider bars and hotels in the Basque Country, where it is typical to offer them along with coffee, liqueurs or ice cream. Of course, it is also common to consume it in private homes during special celebrations.

What is the origin of Tolosa Tiles and Cigarettes?

Its flavor and texture are known in many places around the world. But do we know where the original recipe for tiles and cigarettes comes from?

To know the origin of this typical dessert from the Basque country we have to go back several decades. And it is very curious: they were created at the request of Julián Rivas, founder of the well-known Asador Julián de Tolosa.

After tasting an exquisite grilled beef along with some candied piquillo peppers, the steakhouse needed a dessert worthy of its menu. A light and simple dessert, but of great quality.

What is the original recipe for Tiles and Cigarettes?

Luis Eceiza, son of the founder of the pastry shop Nicolás Eceiza and good friend of Julián Rivas, who was in charge of creating the original recipe for Tiles and cigarettess from Tolosa.

First he created the Tiles, based on a Catalan recipe. He modified it until he found the result that we know today. Then he looked for something that would perfectly complement the tiles, something that would maintain the style, but with a different flavor. From there came Butter Cigarettes.

The success of Tolosa Tiles and Cigarettes was immediate, to the point that they have become coveted products in international gastronomy.

Basque Truffles: Probably the best chocolate truffles in the world

Basque truffles have made a place for themselves among the most authentic and original sweets of the moment. There are many flavors from the most innovative ones such as intxaurslatsa, cheese or oil to the most traditional ones such as liquor or chocolate. The most recognized truffles are those from Bilbao.

How to recognize a Bilbao truffle?

Bilbao truffles are first recognized by sight, as they are much larger than the traditional chocolate truffles that you can find elsewhere.

And on the other hand because of the flavor, because Bilbao truffles are the most delicious in the world.

Why buy Truffles from Bilbao at Bask Selekt?

Because in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of Basque truffles, we offer packs - gourmet gifts and Christmas baskets that will perfectly complement your choice.

Artisan chocolate from Basque workshops

In the Basque country we have different workshops dedicated to working with chocolate in an artisanal way, as a result of which we have artisan chocolates of the highest quality. These chocolates have been united with Basque gastronomy, fusing true sweets and chocolates worthy of admiration.

What are the best artisan chocolate makers in the Basque Country?

If your products are on Bask Selekt, they are a guarantee of quality. At Bask Selekt you can buy artisan chocolates from the best confectioners: Bizkarra, Casa Eceiza, Gorrotxategi or Kaitxo.

What types of Basque artisan chocolate are there?

At Bask Selekt we have selected the most special artisan chocolates that are representative of Basque gastronomy and culture so that you can buy them. Chocolate with Ezpeleta, with Ibarra chili pepper, chocolate in the shape of a chapela, chocolate in the shape of a Basque ball...

Let's say no more, it's time to bring out the typical Basque dessert

Now that you know more about Basque sweets and chocolates, you are prepared to make a good dessert choice. We are sure that if you choose it at Bask Selekt, you will not fail!

Do you dare to try and discover Basque sweets and chocolates for yourself? "On egin"!