Selection of Truffles from Bilbao


Box of 8 truffles (3 cheese, 3 intxaursaltsa, 2 oil), 150gr.


In this box we present the most original selection of truffles, made from ingredients that are an essential part of Basque gastronomy.

The cheese truffles keep all the flavor of the Bizkarra sheep cheese that the Bizkarra-Legorra cheese has made in their Urkiola cheese factory since 1924. A contrasting fusion of sweet - salty, very smooth and that does not leave you indifferent.

Intxaursaltsa truffles bring to the palate the memory of intxaursaltsa, the typical Basque Christmas dessert that was basically made from nuts, milk, and chocolate. A very creamy truffle that starts from the original ingredients.

Oil truffles connect us with the aromas and notes of La Equidad extra virgin olive oil, grown in Moreda. They take us to the landscapes of the olive groves and their old trujal, in operation since 1947.