Idiazabal Natural Cheese Agour
  • Idiazabal Natural Cheese Agour

Idiazabal Natural Cheese Agour


Idiazabal natural cheese of the Agour.

Gr.: 250 gr

This cheese with official Designation of Origin (D.O.), Idiazabal is made with an excellent prime material; raw milk from our sheep of the Latxa variety. It is entered into the maturing process for a minimum of two months.

This cheese is given a cylindrical form with smooth faces. It is a compact cheese with variable colours from white to ivory white and may present small irregular bubbles irregularly distributed throughout the product. Its content in oils is equal or superior to 45%. This cheese has an intense flavour which is balanced, clean and consistent.

Goes perfectly with red wine, other sweet foods such as salads and especially with earthy foods like nuts, mushrooms and conserved mushrooms. It is normally sold in vacuum packages.


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250 gr

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