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Assorted Tolosa cigarettes
  • Assorted Tolosa cigarettes
  • Assorted Tolosa cigarettes

Assorted Tolosa cigarettes


The authentic Cigarrillos de Tolosa. They are made entirely by hand, giving them their characteristic shape entirely by hand after coming out of the oven.

Assortment of classic cigarettes and cigarettes coated with Belgian chocolate.


If you walk through the streets of Tolosa it is very easy to come across any store that sells the famous Tolosa cigarettes. Do not hesitate, go in and try them.

They were created by commission, a commission made to Luís Eceiza, son of the founder of the Pastelería Nicolás Eceiza de Tolosa. They were created in 1924, these renowned canutillos, have become very popular within the gourmet products of the Basque Country.


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120 gr

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