Squid stuffed peppers
  • Squid stuffed peppers
  • Squid stuffed peppers

Squid stuffed peppers


Peppers stuffed with squid, 4 units, with piquillo sauce.

Delicious peppers stuffed with our exquisite squid dough in its ink capable of surprising the most delicate palates.

Ideal as a main dish or to share accompanied by white rice.


Serving and pairing advice: Accompany the peppers with white rice or fried bread.

Instructions for use: Before opening, turn the container over so that the peppers are separated. Open and pour the contents into a saucepan. Fill the container with a little water and add it to the saucepan. Heat over low heat with a lid for 4 minutes without touching the peppers to avoid breaking them and serve.

In the microwave, pour the contents onto a plate and heat at medium power for 3 minutes.

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300 gr