Intxaursaltsa Truffles
  • Intxaursaltsa Truffles
  • Intxaursaltsa Truffles

Intxaursaltsa Truffles


Made from the same walnut praline that is used at Christmas time to make nutty fudge or 'turron de Intxaursaltsa', these truffles make it possible to taste the flavor of Christmas all year round.


Among the most common ingredients in the original 'intxaursaltsa' or nut cream are crushed walnuts, sugar, milk (sometime water) and cinnamon. These are cooked slowly on a low heat for a long time until a consistent creamy texture is obtained which is served with hot dishes or at least, warm. As a family tradition, the Bizkarra have always known how to make their traditional walnut sauce or intxaursaltsa which they enjoyed at their grandparents home.

After many 'laboratory' tests in which the process was carried out, intxaursaltsa or nut cream truffles were perfected, one of the most characteristic sweets of the Bizkarra innovative brand. With it, Bizkarra evokes the history, nuances and flavour of the product from which it takes its name, and has been corroborated in taste tests by people familiar with the original Intxaursaltsa or nut cream.

It is made by artisans who put great care into every detail, from the selection of the ingredients to the final presentation. Our native walnut variety is used in its production and, when nature allows, a respectful nod is offered to the production with the incorporation of harvest from the family´s own walnut orchard. To get that characteristic flavour of the age-old recipes for this classic desert, crushed nuts are mixed with milk and sugar to which chocolate is also added, as well as a special Bizkarra touch which is kept secret.

All in all, Bizkarra is able to produce a nut praline which is molded and left to set; a 'rare species', since very few products are made from this nut. It is precisely the characteristics of this specific fruit that cause the most significant difficulties in the creation of this sweet in that it is during the mixing phase when it becomes difficult to acheive the desired texture and flavour.

Afterwards they are given the distinctive rounded shape of truffles, are bathed in chocolate and covered in glacé sugar.