Dark Chocolate Peru Palo Blanco
  • Dark Chocolate Peru Palo Blanco

Dark Chocolate Peru Palo Blanco


Chocolate Perú Palo Blanco, from Kaitxo, in Balmaseda (Bizkaia, Basque Country). A high quality milk chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, 75%. Creamy and with notes of toffee and spices.


It is the most loved Kaitxo chocolate because of the possibilities it offers and because there are very few cocoas in the world that offer so many possibilities.

Peru was the first chocolate created by Kaitxo in 2017.

Raquel, Kaitxo's chocolate advisor, discovered this splendid cocoa on one of her gastronomic trips on a farm in Palo Blanco, a village in the Piura region, near the city of Chulucanas. In it, a small cooperative fermented and dried the cocoa that finally, after months of waiting, we would receive with all the illusion of a project that was born from the best raw materials.

Afterwards, Kaitxo worked with special care in roasting, conching and tempering in order to extract the maximum potential from the raw material.

The result, how could it be otherwise, starting from a cocoa with so much personality, was spectacular, being this winner in 2018 at the International Chocolate Awards.

Whoever tastes it has the opportunity to discover endless different flavors on their palate, such as Tea, Jazmin, fruits…. Someone defined it as "the txakoli (Typical Basque White Wine) of chocolates", due to its marked and bright fruit acidity.


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