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Zallo North Bonito Loins (220gr)
  • Zallo North Bonito Loins (220gr)

Zallo North Bonito Loins (220gr)


Discover the exquisite authenticity of true North Bonito with our high-quality Zallo loins. Each loin, carefully selected, offers a unique culinary experience. The bonito, caught in the waters off northern Spain, is presented in convenient 220-gram packages, ready to delight your palate.


Sustainable Origin: Sourced from the waters of northern Spain, ensuring sustainable fishing and unparalleled freshness.

Tender Texture: Juicy and tender lomos that melt in every bite, revealing the authentic taste of the sea.

Premium Packaging: Presented in convenient 220-gram packages, perfect for preserving quality and freshness until it reaches your table.

Culinary Versatility: Ideal for salads, pasta dishes, gourmet snacks, or simply enjoyed on its own.

Experience gastronomic excellence with our Lomos de Bonito del Norte Zallo. Elevate your dishes with the quality and flavor that only the best bonito can offer.


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