Patxaran Barañano
  • Patxaran Barañano

Patxaran Barañano


Homemade Patxaran Barañano


Visual phase: Clean, very bright and transparent. Red gold colour. Fine, marked and slow tear.

Olfactory phase: in the still glass soft aniseed touches are perceived in the foreground with a high fruity character (berries, strawberry, cherry, red fruits and cassis). Likewise, the mineral touches are notable. Balsamic notes with some spicy note. Bone aromas are not appreciated.

Gustatory phase: its sweetness is very pleasant, with a long passage in the mouth and a frank, long-lasting and very comfortable aftertaste. It presents syrupy touches, strawberry and peach, with low acidity and moderate alcoholic intensity. Fair acidity. Good integration of the whole. Persistent finish with pleasant bitters. Fresh and light.

Summary: This is a well-structured and harmonious Patxaran. A balance of flavors and aromas is perceived, inviting you to taste it again. The jam flavors give it a velvety texture and the result on the palate is pleasantly surprising.


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