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White Tuna Eusko Label in olive oil (185 g)
  • White Tuna Eusko Label in olive oil (185 g)

White Tuna Eusko Label in olive oil (185 g)


The Bonito del Norte with Eusko Label are high-quality fish caught one by one without nets, using traditional fishing methods: rod (live bait) and trolling. These methods, besides improving the quality of the fish, guarantee the sustainability of fishing grounds and the maintenance of marine resources.

In the fishing ports of the Basque Autonomous Community, they are selected at the moment of unloading. Based on size and freshness criteria, only the best pieces are chosen and identified.


Bonito del Norte Eusko Label

The fish is recognized by an inviolable security seal on the tail with the Eusko Label symbol and other information such as a control number. Using this number and through the website: www.hazi.eus, you can also learn the name of the boat, species, port of unloading, guild, date of unloading, zone, and method of capture.

Processed products and preserves are identified with the processing logo accompanied by the product name.

Bonito del Norte preserves, made with the highest quality raw materials and over 100 years of experience in making Bonito del Norte preserves.

White tuna or Bonito del Norte is the most valued species of the tuna family, distinguished by its white color, delicate flesh, exquisite flavor, and smooth texture. Also known as "Thunnus Alalunga," it is caught in the Cantabrian Sea using traditional fishing methods, from which the best Bonito fillets are obtained in preserves.

Arroyabe bonito preserves are cleaned and manually placed in glass jars or cans. We offer you the possibility to buy Bonito del Norte online in different formats, both for home consumption and hospitality.

Whatever format suits you best, Bonito del Norte preserves improve over time, so it is recommended to store them in the pantry or cellar after purchasing the preserves.


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