White Anchovies Mousse
  • White Anchovies Mousse
  • White Anchovies Mousse

Tuna and Anchovy Mousse


Net Weight: 115 g

Ingredients: White Tuna (47%), Cantabrian Anchovies (5%) virgin olive oil, wáter, lemon juice, milk protein, stabilizers (xanthan gum and guar gum), acidity correctors colorant (caramel) and salt.


Albacore long finned tuna loins along with the tuna belly are considered the noblest part of this fish. The cuts are obtained following the length of the fish starting from the most internal and central part of the muscles.

The flavour is delicate and compact in texture. It can be used in the preparation of extraordinary aperitifs (pintxos) and salads as well as serving as a richly appetizing main dish.

Cantabrian Anchovies (Engraulis Encrasicholus) are captured between the months of March and June, ZALLO conserves are preserved using artisanal methods taking great care to acquire the authentic natural aroma and flavours which are characteristic of the Cantabrian Anchovies.

These filets of anchovies are characterized for their firmness and incomparable flavour which makes them one of the most beneficial and valued products for the most demanding gourmet. Rich in proteins and unsaturated fats, the anchovies contribute to reducing cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases. They are also low in salt.