White Tuna in Olive Oil (112 gr)
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil (112 gr)
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil (112 gr)

White Tuna in Olive Oil (112 gr)


Selection of the best specimens of Bonito del Norte in olive oil. Made in Bermeo (Basque Country) by the Zallo canning company.


The Albacore long finned tuna known as 'Bonito del Norte', belongs to the tuna family and forms part of the excellent gastronomy of the North of Spain, especially the Cantabrian coast, thanks to its exquisite flavour and soft texture. It is also a popular tinned food amongst those with an exquisite palate.

At the end of spring, the long finned tuna move to the waters of the gulf of Bizkaia which is when the 'Coster' or long finned tuna campaign begins, ending in October. This tuna is captured by selective fishing, one by one using hooks, so that the fish won´t suffer and in order to offer a high quality meat.

This species is characterized by its large size and pectoral fins. Its consumption is recommended by doctors and nutritionists because of its high content of Omega-3, which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood-stream, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The long finned tuna (Bonito del Norte) is characterized by its white soft meat, smooth flavour and juicy texture, being the favourite tinned food amongst those with exquisite taste.


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112 gr

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