"Maite Zaitut" Pack
  • "Maite Zaitut" Pack
  • "Maite Zaitut" Pack

"Maite Zaitut" Hamper


Tell us "Maite Zaitut" (I love you in Basque) is the best gift we can receive from the people we love. And accompanied by a selection of gourmet products is the icing on the cake.

With this pack we make it easy for you.


The perfect gift, a "Maite Zaitut" and a selection of gourmet products made up of;

- A bottle of Organic Cava, Clausura

- Urdetxe ham (100 gr)

- Duck pate, Eskuola (130 gr)

- Bonito and Anchovy Mousse, Zallo (115 gr)

- 4 cheese truffles

- Jelly beans “what does a love you taste like?”

- Bread bag (20 gr)

- Wooden case