Anastasio Author's wine
  • Anastasio Author's wine

Anastasio Author's wine

Autor´s wine, the flagship of Eguren Ugarte. Deep cherry color On the nose, spicy notes of Mediterranean forest, thyme and lavender, complex notes of cedar and tobacco. In the mouth, sweet, soft, enveloping, long aftertaste, with a memory of vanilla and spices.

Wine of exceptional quality that maintains the typicality of Rioja accompanied by a surprising warmth. It is complex, elegant, with structure and silkiness that make it very pleasant to drink.


- Wine Advocate: 94 POINTS

- Peñín Guide: 91 POINTS

Tasting Note:

- Visual phase: Intense cherry color, clean, bright and abundant tear.

- Olfactory phase: High aromatic intensity, highlighting spicy notes of Mediterranean borque (thyme, lavender) and complex notes of cedar and tobacco.

- Gustatory phase: It is sweet, soft, enveloping, leaving a long aftertaste and with memories of vanilla and spices.


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75 cl