Beef Jerky Lombera de Carranza 350 gr
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  • Beef Jerky Lombera de Carranza 350 gr

Beef Jerky Lombera de Carranza 350 gr


Beef jerky without smoked flavour or marinades.

Size: 1 unit

Back in the days when time passed slowly and our ancestors shepherded their high-mountain Mochina cattle that grazed on the flora and juicy vegetation of our mountains, necessity and ingenuity gave birth to this ancestral recipe for conserving meat for consumption during the hard winters.

This product has remained popular to this day because necessity united with a love for good food and appreciation for authentic delicacies, regardless of their simplicity. We wish that when you try it, you too could be laying on the grassy slopes of our carranzano mountains, observing the flight of the Golden Eagle and listening to the sheering of the monchina cattle.

A totally artisanal process. The finest cuts of the cow are selected and degreased and, after a long process of maturing, are ready to eat. We look for only the unmistakable flavour of the highest quality beef, without any smoked flavour or marinades.

To be eaten as fine recently cut strips which can be accompanied with a few drops of virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: Beef meat, salt, spices, sugars, conservatives (E250 and E252) and antioxidant (E301).

Absence of allergens.


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