Eskuola Truffled Goose Liver (130 gr)
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  • Eskuola Truffled Goose Liver (130 gr)

Eskuola Truffled Goose Liver (130 gr)


Emulsion of duck foie gras, taking the name of the single Foie can not mix the livers or any other ingredient.



Goose fatty liver 87%, egg, salt, armagnac, spices and preservative E-250 and antioxidant E-301. Without Lactose.


Direct consumption without heat treatment. Serve cold. Enter in the refrigerator 24 hours before consumption.


Consume preferential before 4 years.


Since 1990 we manufacture our products with the Label Rouge quality seal.

We provide ourselves with a duck raised outdoors until becoming an adult, respecting the number of ducks per square meter and with optimal care. Then the ducks go to fattening, feeding with corn grain tempered for 17 days, in accordance with the demanding quality standards of the Label Rouge badge.

The raw material with which we produce our products is of excellent quality, to satisfy the most demanding palates with our derivatives: Foie, Magret, Thigh Confit, Stain, Sweetbread, Micuit, Duck Ham, Bloc and Mousse with and without truffle, etc