Pate vasco al ezpelette Urdetxe
  • Pate vasco al ezpelette Urdetxe

Pate with Espelette Pepper Urdetxe


Delicious pork pate made from the liver of this animal seasoned with the typical Ezpelette pepper.

Its presentation is an individual can of 130 grams. This pork liver pate is made with the Ezpelette pepper, which gives it a unique and exquisite flavor.


The ingredients of this pâté are: liver, bacon and lean pork, eggs, milk, salt, pepper, 0.4% Ezpelette pepper and E-250 preservative.

The most characteristic thing about this product, in addition to the Ezpelette pepper, is its main ingredient.

The liver, bacon and lean meat come from animals raised in the Basque Country, outdoors and in a completely traditional way. In this way, its natural diet gives its meat a succulent flavor, making it a gourmet product.

The Espelette piment is a piment most appreciated in Basque cuisine. It is cultivated in the French Basque Country and is a poivre that does not bite, but it has three characteristics. Foie gras and pâtés acquire a touche all particulière with this seasoning.