Turrón Artesano de Intxaursaltsa Bizkarra
  • Turrón Artesano de Intxaursaltsa Bizkarra

Artisan nougat from Intxaursaltsa (200gr)


Intxaursaltsa is made from milk, sugar, cinnamon and crushed nuts, which take on a paste-like texture with prolonged cooking.


Intxaursaltsa was a very common food that was never missing from Christmas Eve dinner, and together with cod and vegetables, it constituted elements of the most traditional gastronomic culture of the Basque Country.

We have turned it into a nougat based on the same ingredients, adding others such as chocolate, with which we get a walnut praline reminiscent of the old flavor.

This is one of the few walnut-based nougat, and we guard the secret to get this dough, very delicate and difficult to work with.