Sliced Basque ham 100gr Urdetxe
  • Sliced Basque ham 100gr Urdetxe

Farmhouse Pork Shoulder 6-6.5Kg Urdetxe


Ham elaborated with white pork raised in free range in farms of the Basque Country: A flavor to discover absolutely!


The exterior shape of Urdetxe Hams is stylized, with a thin and slightly elongated shaft. His dark hoof. Its external face is covered by a thick golden and shiny fatty layer. On its interior it has samples of fungal flora, white or bluish-gray, an unmistakable feature of its slow maturation process in the winery.

To the touch, the fat sinks slightly with a soft and unctuous touch impregnating the pressing finger.

Inside, the meat is bright in color between pink and dark red, with streaks of shiny fat that are interspersed by the lean.

In the mouth it is slightly salty, with a delicate and exquisite aroma, offering an intense and persistent flavor, a product of the long maturation period.

It is a cured ham with a long curing period of more than 24 months. Due to the humid climate of the Basque Country, they are cured in wineries in Andalusia and Extremadura.